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Das Metallurgy

Since establishment, we are continuously working on improving our services and products in terms of quality and reliability. Main goal is to move and grow further in the industry by meeting our customers’ requirements in every single service and product we provide. We fully understand the importance of competition in today’s markets, thus always targeting to offer and provide solutions following up the cutting-edge developments in the sector and technology.

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DAS Metallurgy Machinery Ind. Trd. Ltd Co.


100% Qualıty

Our desire is not only to supply high quality products; At the same time, it is to work with our customers in order to achieve the target that our customers aim.

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We are always with our customers for the technical support that may be needed during the use of the product while providing the right product for the right application in the fastest way.

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Our main goal is to establish a healthy and long-term cooperation with our customers and the companies we represent, based on mutual trust and stability, and gained by both parties.

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DAS Metallurgy Machinery Ind. Trd. Ltd Co.

All of the products have the properties and chemical stability of the Fiber that make up them. None of them contain binders, it shows excellent strength before and after heating.

It is resistant to tearing with its perfect isolation character and flexible structures. Other advantages are that they can be cut, shaped and rolled using molds.

They are high-density strength products obtained by compression of ceramic fiber using various binders. Impact resistance is much higher than standard ceramic fiber plates.

Ceramic fiber is a product that does not contain asbestos with its filling material in textile products and has high temperature resistance and insulation properties of ceramic fiber, its main raw materials.

Ceramic rolls, which are mostly used in roller ovens as carriers of different diameters and lengths, also find use in industrial ovens by helping carry the heating elements.

Products that can work in different atmospheres with a temperature range of 1260 - 1540 oC are offered for use in various sizes. Products produced according to international standards stand out with their thermal shock resistance and low thermal conductivity properties.

Microporosis Insulation Plates are defined with very low heat conduction properties compared to other insulating materials. These products, which have an extraordinary isolation ability with heat transmission coefficient values in the range of 0.021 - 0.042 W / m.K, provide a better insulation even from stationary air. They do not contain harmful additives to the environment and human health.

They are flexible insulation plates made with organic binders from ceramic fiber. Flexible structure that provides ease of shaping and application, It has many features such as low thermal conductivity, very low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, very low shrinkage to the end-use temperature. It does not contain asbestos.

Das Metallurgy offers solutions with its wide range of products with crucible slag forming products in Crucible Furnaces. It provides the slag viscosity and chemical composition for steel cleaning as soon as possible and the inclusions floating through the steel are kept in this slag.